Council to Consider Proposed New By-Law and By-Law Amendments Related to Private and Public Parking of Recreational, Commercial and Motor Vehicles

Posted On Friday May 07, 2021

In March, Administration released a draft By-Law for regulating recreational, commercial and motor vehicle parking on private properties and residential driveways for public comment (Draft By-Law 27-2021). The intent was to propose this By-law at Council's April 12, 2021 meeting in conjunction with amendment considerations for Traffic By-Law 21-2005, but the meeting presentation date was postponed to May 25, 2021, to allow more consideration to parking provisions in the Comprehensive Zoning By-law.

As a result, the Tuesday, May 25, 2021, Council Meeting will consider:

  1. Proposed Draft By-Law 27-2021

  2. Proposed Amendments to Traffic By-Law 21-2005 including:
    a. Prohibiting on-street parking of boats and recreational vehicles
    b. On-street parking of commercial/personal utility trailers shall only be permitted from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

  3. Potential Amendments to the Comprehensive Zoning By-Law (if Draft By-Law 27-2021 is approved)
    a) Removal of references regarding parking of recreational, commercial, and motor vehicles on private property and residential driveways (mainly Sections 5.13 and 5.15) to prevent duplication or confusion regarding which by-law will regulate these matters.

Proposed Draft By-Law 27-2021

Public input received during the initial public notification process resulted in a series of changes to Draft By-Law 27-2021.


  • Extended the dates that residents can store recreational vehicles on a driveway by an additional month. (Original: May 1 – October 31, Revised: April 16 – November 14).  Administration made this adjustment to align with the Marina opening more appropriately and prevent potential interference with the winter control by-law.
  • Adjusted the dates that winter recreational vehicles (snowmobiles) can be stored on a driveway to better align with the winter control by-law. (Revised: November 15 – April 15).
  • New. Prohibited parking on front lawns of residential properties. 
  • New. Permitted properties that abut Lake Erie to store recreational vehicles in their driveways, which was previously prohibited. 
  • Increased size and weight limits of motor vehicles permitted to park on residential driveways (From 3400kg to 6000kg). Pick-up trucks exempt. 

Read Draft By-Law 27-2021. If you have additional feedback to provide please forward your comments:

Proposed Draft By-Law 27-2021: Chief Building Official, Peter Valore at
Proposed Amendments to Traffic By-Law 21-2005: Manager of Infrastructure & Engineering, Tim Del Greco at
Potential Amendments to the Comprehensive Zoning By-Law: Manager of Planning Services, Robert Brown at

These proposals and amendments better reflect Kingsville's growing and active community and provide greater flexibility to residents with recreation vehicles to store. Council will consider these proposed changes at its Tuesday, May 25, 2021 meeting commencing at 6:00 pm. This meeting is public and held electronically by zoom. Visit to access the live stream.